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  • In this webinar, you’ll learn about real-life client successes and failures, as well as our proven strategies and recommended tactics to drive systemic digital transformation for your business.

  • Learn how Cisco's Cognitive Collaboration solution will improve productivity in the workplace by utilizing AI to empower effective communication

  • Learn how Microsoft Teams can help secure your communication channels and ensure a safe digital collaboration environment.

  • Not quite sure about making the switch to Microsoft Teams? Learn how Teams can positively impact your organization and improve ROI. 

  • Learn about the big announcement with Skype and how NTT Ltd. can help with transitioning to Microsoft Teams.

  • Learn how Microsoft Teams can better secure your collaboration and communication needs for your organization.

  • Discover how Cisco Webex Calling can transform your current PBX system

  • NTT Ltd.'s Director of Marketing, Andrew McGlone & Microsoft’s Brian Bergholm highlight key points of the TEI Study in building the case for Microsoft Teams and the new Microsoft Value Calculator! You won't want to miss this!

  • The buyer's guide to selecting the right solutions with Cisco Webex

  • Discover how Cisco Webex Calling can transform your current PBX system

  • Follow Dave, a Director, as he successfully navigates his day using Microsoft Teams

  • Town Hall meetings are an essential part of business status updates. NTT Ltd. provides advice on how to achieve an effective virtual meeting for your stakeholders.