Cloud transformation is a complex journey

Unified Communication is about bridging the gaps between people--your teams, clients, suppliers and partners--in order to improve a users’ experience and increase company performance. Whether your goal with UC is to improve customer interactions, drive productivity or attract a young workforce, it’s definitely possible with a good Unified Communications strategy.

However, to make your journey to the cloud a success and realize the full ROI of Unified Communications, you need a strong partner to navigate the many hidden complexities on the way. The Cloud Communications division of NTT knows the way; we combine market-leading UC solutions from Microsoft and Cisco with our proven Cloud Transformation Services to prepare your organization’s systems and people for your UC journey.

Features of the Cloud Communications division of NTT Digital Transformation

An End-to-End Approach

Once a company decides to pursue Unified Communications, it’s common for them to jump right in implementing the chosen solution. Unfortunately, that’s where most companies waste considerable time, effort and expenses as surprises and pitfalls crop up.

Successful UC journeys only happen by engaging a knowledgeable partner to advise you at every step, from vendor selection to ongoing support. What is the best UC tool for your business? Do you have plans for your different user types? Have you got a user adoption strategy? Do you have a plan for maintenance and future growth? Let us guide you through it.



Step 1: Consulting Services

Understand where your business is on its digital transformation journey and creating a clear plan is key to a successful UC implementation.

Step 2: Planning Services

Gather information and insights in order to assess, design and prepare for your cloud communications deployment. In your workshops, we assess your current infrastructure as well as your workforce to ensure your business transformation will be successful.

Step 3: Delivery Services

Implement and deliver your new digital transformation software solution. Our experience team deploys your new technology, migrates your users and drives end-user adoption.

Step 4: Operational Services

Deliver reliable cloud communications service through monitoring, reporting and help-desk services to guarantee a consistent user experience.